Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve

Destination Highlights

The Maasai (Masai) Mara national park and reserve, once described as “Kenya’s Jewel never to be lost”, is in a class of its own.  The best known wildlife sanctuary in the World Maasai (Masai) Mara National Reserve has acquired a high flier status having been named “the seventh wonder of the world”.  The seventh wonder of the world is the spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration between Maasai (Masai) Mara and Serengeti.

Our Promise

Nomadic Safaris will take you on an unforgettable journey through this wonderful country. Superficially divided into north and south by the equator and majestically divided into east and west by the expansive Great Rift Valley, Kenya is a crossroads for some of the greatest biological and cultural diversity on our planet.

Abundant wildlife in our parks and reserve, high class and quality lodges and luxurious and all inclusive tented camps of 4 and 5 star.

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