At Nomadic Safaris we are able to manage any range of travel needs, from the simplest to the most complex, creating an unparalleled experience for our corporate partners and their valued travelers, all while maximizing return on investment for each travel dollar.
Our clients value our unique service policy, which provides an enthusiastic travel management team accessible to travelers 24/7, along with true personal service to ensure the best travel experience regardless of itinerary. For a complimentary review of your existing travel program, or to learn more about how cost-effective corporate travel solutions support your business growth, contact us today.

All our corporate travellers have access to;

  • Air tickets (Local and international destinations.)
  • Conference organization (conferences, board meetings and seminars for large and small groups).
  • Hotel bookings at destination.
  • General Information (weather at destination, customs regulation).
  • Tours, Holidays & Safaris.
  • Car hire services.
  • 24 Hours Service emergency services.
  • Visa Services.
  • Advice on Health Requirement.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Pre check- in facilities.
  • Seat Allocation & meal request.
  • Frequent Flyer Programs.
  • Delivery services.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Meet and assist service.
  • Sms-ing of flight details to travelers mobile phones.
  • Advice on weather and customs required at country of arrival.
  • Pre-check inn on weekends.
  • Client brief on action in case of lost ticket, lost luggage, etc


Air Ticketing

Email us, request for air ticket bookings, receive competitive quotations from different airlines and we’ll send you an E-ticket. If this proves challenging, call in or call us for your personalized service. At Nomadic Safaris we offer Reliable & Effective Travel Management Services. We pride our self on being flexible and quick to meet new challenges in an ever changing travel marketplace. For this reason the company has recognized the importance of offering a high level of Travel Management Solutions

Why Nomadic Safaris?

When you are looking for reliable and cost-effective corporate travel management Company, it helps to choose your company carefully. Corporate travel needs to be planned down to the nth degree to ensure you can carry out your daily business duties without a hitch. But with so many travel companies around, it can be difficult to know who to select for your corporate travel management. As a result, it helps to bear a few things in mind when finding the best corporate travel management company for you.

Better Deals – When you need to arrange business travel on a regular basis, you want to keep your travel costs as low as possible. Nomadic Safaris will work hard to find you the best negotiated deals that can’t be found on the high street.

Extensive Client List – Finding a company that you can entrust your important business travel plans to can be tricky. Nomadic Safaris has an extensive client list including some high profile client names; ensuring you receive a reliable and confidential service.

Tailored Travel – Every business has different travel requirements so it makes sense to select a tailored travel service. Nomadic Safaris will create customized packages to suit your budget and requirements.

Top Technology – Taking care of your travel plans quickly and accurately requires effective communication and the right contacts. Nomadic Safaris utilizes top technology in order to ensure the smooth running of your travel plans.

If you are looking for a corporate travel management solution for your business, you can find a reliable and effective travel company at Nomadic Safaris. Our travel experts can take care of every aspect of your business trips to ensure they run smoothly even if your business plans change at the last minute.